Requisite Vocabulary Used in Baccarat

We may not like it or not, but part of learning the game of baccarat is learning baccarat vocabulary. The good side in brushing up on your baccarat vocabulary is that you'll begin to sound cool and slick like old James Bond. The reason behind the baccarat vocabulary flare is that a lot of the terminology used in the game are foreign terms, specifically European.

Baccarat vocabulary will include Spanish terms with a touch of French and spiced up with Italian. Though it is true that baccarat vocabulary will also include general English gambling terms but the extra kick from the added European vocabulary will make you sound really good.

Let's begin our little brush with baccarat vocabulary, shall we?

Baccarat: This word is Italian and is also the name of the game we're learning.

Baccara: Another name of the name of the game, which is also Italian.

Banco: Now this is a Spanish word, which means banker and it also refers to one of the bets you choose from in the game of Baccarat. Check out our definition of "Banker" below for additional details regarding what else could this word mean in the game.

Banker: You could either use banker or banco and would mean the same thing. This term also refers to the player who is in charge of the shoe of cards and deals them and plays the hands in the game. Depending on the version of baccarat you're playing, the banker may or may not provide the cash or otherwise finance the banker bet. Usually the dealer will also be called as the banker.

Banque: This term refers to the variant of the game of baccarat you'll find in most of the casinos in the United States.

Chemin de Fer: This word is French, and is a variant of the game of baccarat.

Coup: This word is also French and refers to a single round in the game.

Croupier: This word is French and would designate the dealer. In the American version of baccarat the croupier will function as the caller who will be in charge of the game's flow.

Ladderman: This would refer to a game official supervising the whole game on a high chair.

Le Grande: This word is French and would refer to a hand that totals nine, a perfect win.

Punto: This word is both Spanish and Italian and translates to point, which refers to player or the player bet in baccarat.

These are the words that spice up our baccarat vocabulary. As soon as you become familiar with them you'll soon be sounding tight and acting like a secret agent and playing baccarat with style.

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